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"Chess - The Future Generation"

Paul Glover © 1990






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Paul Glover © 1990 (download the rules)

This game is based on "Chess - The Next Generation"   (also detailed rules).
Please see also: 3D Chess for 2-4 players.
These are only the additional rules:

  • White and Gold play against Black and Silver
  • White moves 1st, then Black followed by Gold and Silver, in that order at ALL times
  • Chess pieces are set up as in regular chess on 'A' level and 'D' level at ALL times
  • White and Black are set up on board level 'A' with the White Rook on Aa1
  • Gold is set up on the bottom board on the right side of White ('D' level) Rook on Dh1
  • Silver is set up on the bottom board on the right side of Black ('D' level)
  • The queens are on their own color
    (ie. Black/Silver Queens are on a black square, White/Gold Queens are on a white square)
There is no checkmate but rather you must capture the King! This allows you to move into check with the understanding that YOUR King could be captured. Of course, Your Team Color hopefully can block the check! If a King is captured, play continues without that color in the sequence. That colors pieces remain on the board with no influence and can be captured as in regular chess. In that case the other team will have two moves to your one move. Not a good situation to be in.

These are the two additional rules for this game:

  1. Movement to boards:
    In order for each colour to move to successive board levels, each player must first establish four pieces on the board level that is directly above/below the 'starting' level. WHITE for example, would have to have four of his own pieces on the 'B' level before he can progress to 'C' and/or 'D' levels. Similarly, BEIGE(or gold at the bottom) would have to have four of his own pieces on the 'C' level before he can move to 'B' and/or 'A' levels. Once this step has
    been accomplished, the four pieces are not required to remain on that level,
    nor does this step need repeating.
  2. KNIGHT:
    ... when it reaches the other side of it's board or the opposit side of the general direction of it's pieces on any level, it becomes a 'Crowned Knight' with a red checker piece put underneath it (or something that clearly shows that it is different). This enables it to also move like the shape of an 'L' rightside up or upside down. In other words, it can also now move one square forward, (or backwards, or the immediate left, or the immediate right) and down, or up, two squares.
    Therefore, if it was on level 'A', it could now move to level 'C' in addition to it's regular moves.
    For example if the Crowned Knight was at square #Aa1, can now move to:
    Ac2, Ab3 (normal chess move)
    Bc1, Ba1 (normal uncrowned move as is mentioned in 'Chess - The Next Generation')
    Cb1, Ca2, these being the two new additional places it could move to, once Crowned.
    This is now the only very powerful strategic piece that can move 2 levels in one move.
    If it was in the middle of the board it can control 16 squares.
    This PIECE POINT value would now be worth 7 compared to 3 points before it was crowned.

It is very strongly recomended to use a white stone or object to indicate who's move it is.
In fact the move is NOT complete until the white stone is passed to the next player, which says:
'That is my move!'  This is done because everyone can and will lose tract of who's turn it is to play!

The Game takes about 5 times longer to play or 3.5 to 4.5 hours when compared to
'Chess - The Next Generation' or conventional 2D chess which takes only 30-45 mins.

How To win:
This game is all about Sequence and Playing as a Team!

No matter how good you are, the side that plays the best as a team, will win!

This is, The Ultimate Chess Challenge!

You will be sitting on the edge of your seat in this Ultimate Chess Challenge!

PGvJD Gm#1 | JDvPG Gm#1b

It's all about:
Sequence and Playing as a Team

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