Jeff D. vs. Paul G. Dimensionalized 3D Chess: "CHESS - THE FUTURE GENERATION" **Started: Dec.29.2006
Completed: Jeff D. Paul G. JD PG WHITE BLACK GOLD SILVER 01. Ac1-Bb2 Af8-Bg8 Dh6-Ch7 Db2-Cc2 J05 02. Ah1-Bh1 Af7-Bf6 Dh1-Ch1 Da8-Ca8 J16 03. Ae2-Be4 Aa8-Ba8 Dh3-Cg2 Db7-Cb7 J27 04. Ab2-Bb3 Ah7-Bh7 Dg8-Cf8 Db8-Cd8 F04 05. Be4-Be5 Bg8xCh7 Ch1xCh7 Da3-Db2 F08 06. Bh1xBh7 Ac8-Bb8 Dh5-Ch6 Da7-Cc7 M01 07. Af2-Bf4 Ag8-Be8 Dg6-Df6 Da2-Dc3 M24 08. Bh7-Bb7 Bb8-Cc8 Ch6-Bh7 Da5-Cb4 A12 09. Be5xBf6 Be8xBf6 Bh7xAh8+!? Cb4-Cg4+! N09 10. ?
Date: Apr18 2300hr Apr20 1400hr Nov08 1700hr Nov09 1700hr
The latest current date of move.

White/Gold has a problem and it's Gold's turn at move #09. What he would like to do is take his Queen and capture my Black Rook and say Check. That would unleash a number of moves that would make it - 'a very bad situation for him'.

He has decided to go down that fork in the road by taking my rook and saying check to Black.
  --There will be action, and it will be worthwhile for you to play the game out for yourself. By playing this game out, you will see demonstrated the potential of 'Chess - The Future Generation'.

Move your mouse over the left picture to see it from the other side.

See a Larger picture of move 9b and more at Flicker in 3D. From the start of the game , I took a 3D picture almost every 2 moves.

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A game of stratagy, team play and sequence.
There's nothing like it!