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Checker game

A Brief Outline Of The Rules For Checkers or Draughts:

  1. Black moves 1st.     (notice the 2 Black Squares in the corner, are on your right side of the board)
  2. The player whose turn it is to move proceeds by advancing one of his men diagonally forward to an adjacent vacant square. If, however, an opponent's piece occupies one of the adjacent squares, and there is a vacant square immediately behind it, that piece of the opponent's is subject to capture, and must be captured. The player does this by having his man leap over the opponent's piece and on to the vacant square (or any further similar squares) and then captures the piece (or pieces) by removing it from the board. A player may not move a piece on to a square occupied by an opponent's piece which does not have a vacant square immediately behind it.
  3. Captures are compulsory, but if there is a choice of captures, the player may choose that which best suits his purpose; he is not required to play the move which captures the greatest number of men. However, once he begins a capturing move he must continue until all the men available on the path chosen have been captured.
  4. Uncrowned men may move or capture in a forward direction only.
  5. A game is won when a player captures all his opponent's men, or renders them unable to move. (If you cannot move, you lose)
  6. For a more detailed list of instructions:

These rules were found in a 'Help' file for a Checkers (Draughts) game for the IBM PC.
Thougth it was 'Just Checkers...' This game plays the standard rules of checkers. In particular, if you can capture a piece, you must capture it (you can't ignore it and move another piece instead). The game will not let you make a move which breaks these rules, and it does not cheat.

The game is available now as a free download for Windows 95/98 and Me.

3D Expanded Checkers ------------------------------ Black Bottom / Red Above ~Black moves 1st
Checkers for 2, 3 or 4 players, in teams or regular play,
Try "3-D Checkers The Next Generation".

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