Black Chess Pieces
Ba2, Ba3 or Ba4 --Captures Bb3 Bb2, Bb3 or Bb4 --Captures Ba3 and Bc3 Bc2, Bc3 or Bc4 --Captures Bb3 and Bd3 Bd2, Bd3 or Bd4 --Captures Bc3 and Be3 Be2, Be3 or Be4 --Captures Bd3 and Bf3 Bf2, Bf3 or Bf4 --Captures Be3 and Bg3 Bg2, Bg3 or Bg4 --Captures Bf3 and Bh3 Bh2, Bh3 or Bh4 --Captures Bg3 Moves to: Ba1 Moves to: Bb3 or Bd1 - Notice the 'L' shape movement Moves to: Bb1, Bb2, Bc2, Bd1 or Bd2 Moves to: Bc1, Bc2, Bd1, Bd2, Be1, Be2 Moves to: Bd1, Bd2, Be1, Be2, Bf1 or Bf2 Moves to: Be1, Be2, Bf2, Bg2 or Bg1 Moves to: Bg3 or Be1 - Notice the 'L' shape movement Moves to: Bh1

Board Level "A"

Both board levels are part of the same game.

these pieces >>
to view their possible moves to board level "B", below.



Board Level "B"

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3D Chess Notation

Print a visual
set of rules
for 3D chess.
Paul Glover © 1996 (Just Quickly Show Me)look download(.pdf) or (.zip)

CHESS - THE NEXT GENERATION of players as well as long time players, will find themselves moving into the future with this traditional game. This exciting game relies on the regular instructions for chess. However because of the dimensional factor, there is a need for additional instructions as to how the pieces move dimensionally. This set of instructions explains only the dimensional movement of the pieces. (Note: After playing many games of 3D Chess....)

TWO PLAYERS: when the game is played with two players, there are two game boards of 15 x15 inches (38 x 38 cm) each, one on top of the other, and approximately 51/2 inches (14 -15 cm) apart. The top game board is labeled "A", and the bottom board is "B". The WHITE chess pieces are set up on level "A" or "B" (which ever he or she wants) in the traditional manner as in regular chess. Then the BLACK pieces are set up in the traditional manner as in regular chess but on the other board level. Therefore if WHITE is on board level "B" then BLACK will be on level "A". When you switch colours for the 2nd or more games, the person now playing WHITE has the choice of board levels. (The older variation is still here.)

All movement of chess pieces on any one board level remains the same as in regular chess. The movement from one board level to another is as follows
(see also diagrams on this website).

KING Can move to or capture all squares one square away from it
(either diagonally or straight up and down), one level below or above the square on which it is currently sitting.
QUEEN Same as king.
(If on Ad2, it controls 9 squares directly below it on B)
ROOK Can move to or capture one square directly below or above the square on which it is sitting. (eg. Aa1 controls/captures Ba1)
BISHOP Movement similar to that of the king except it cannot move directly above or below the square on which it is sitting (opposite to a rook). This dimensional movement allows the bishop to move on an 'angle', to/or capture a white or black square.
(Opening: Ac1 - Bb1, Bb2, Bc2, bd1, Bd2)
KNIGHT Moves like an "L" dimensionally. Therefore, it moves one square down or up from the square on which it is sitting followed by movement two squares forward, (sideways or backwards).
(eg. Ab1 controls/captures Bb3, Bd1)
  • Pawns on their original squares on level "A" have the option of advancing one or two squares on level "B". It thus mirrors a pawn's opening move in regular chess.
    (Aa2 - Ba3, Ba4, opening the rook file)
  • Can move to the squares directly below or above the square on which it is sitting. Down or up does NOT
    constitute a backward movement
  • Can advance down diagonally straightforward on the file or advance up diagonally straightforward. (Ba4 - Aa5)
  • Can capture diagonally forward, left or right of the square that it is on, one level below or above it. (Ba4 x Bb5, or Ab5)
  • Upon reaching the opposite side of the board on any level, can be promoted to Queen, etc., and is distinguished as such for eg., by putting a red checker piece underneath it.
  • Dimensional en passant capture eg. When a WHITE pawn (Ab2) has finally advanced three squares on level "A" (Ab5), and the BLACK pawn on level "A" (either Aa7 or Ac7) tries to pass by moving two squares forward (Ba5 or Bc5), then the WHITE pawn must capture or not at all on the next move (Ab5 x Ba5 & occupies Ba6 -or- Ab5 x Bc5 & occupies Bc6). Also: if (Ab2) has finally advanced three squares (Bb5) & (Aa7) tries to pass on level "A" (Aa5), then (Bb5 x Aa5 & occupies Aa6 etc.).
  Now all that being said, Here's a Quick Demo of Each piece.
Dimensions for 3D Chess Table.   Photo Slide Show with instructions

How long does it take to play a game of 'Chess - The Next Generation'?
It takes the same amount of time as it would to play a regular game
of chess on 1 flat board. Why play 3D Chess/Games?  

Chess Notation for 3D Chess

Algebraic notation (or AN) is the most common which names each square consisting of a letter and a number as noted above. White's side (with the double black corner on the right), the vertical rows are labeled a through h from left to right. The horizontal rows of squares are numbered 1 to 8 starting from White's side of the board (as noted above). Therefore, a1 is a Rook (using small letters). Now because this is 3D chess using 2 boards, there is a need to label the boards with capital letters, 'A' and 'B'. So if White on board level 'A' chose to move the Rook down one ... it would look be Aa1-Ba1 (as noted above).

Due to the dimensional factor of this game, the bishop is more powerful.
The chart below and the games played out here, shows that the bishop is
more flexible, covers more area, and therefore worth six points.
The rook is most effective for backing up and protecting.

KING:      If on Ae2, controls/captures 17 squares, & on Ae4  __ the same
QUEEN:  9   *  * ''   *  *  *   *  *  * 32 *  *  *  *  * ''   36 squares
BISHOP: 6   *  * ''   *  *  *   *  *  * 17 *  *  *  *  * ''   21 squares
ROOK:   4   *  * ''   *  *  *   *  *  * 15 *  *  *  *  * ''   __ the same
KNIGHT: 3   *  * Ae3  *  *  *   *  *  * 12 *  *  *  *  * ''   __ the same
PAWN:   1   *  * Ae2  *  *  *   *  *  * 04 *  *  *  *  * ''   __ the same
Check this out - You get to move The boards.

The best height for the top board is at the Table Top level. The bottom board should be lower. 3D Chess Table -- HELPING PEOPLE Think Dimensionally

Chess - The Next Generation (c)1996 Paul Glover
Movement for Both King and Queen have the same dimensional movements Bishop and Rook are opposits
Knight has a L shape movement dimensionally
a Pawn's 5 possible opening moves
White to move...
black tried to pass the white pawn by moving Aa7-Ba5 -- So white pawn captures from Ab5xBa5 and occupies Ba6

3D Chess

The animated game helps to visualize how a game could play out. -
My blog concerning this game.

← Demonstration game.
Checkmate! - Next Game.
I'm waiting...

YouTube 2min Tutorial - How to Play 3D Chess

Watch the larger version of this game.
    Game#3 'The Final Frontier' animated larger! (to #14)

Interested in playing out a few games that others have played?
The chess index for 3D Chess games('Chess - The Next Generation') and 2D Chess games(regular flat board chess) that have been played by email are shown here with chess notation and with a few pictures.
If you would like to play a game by email,
Set up any two boards of the same size as instructed on this page and send me your WHITEs 1st move.

To build your own best Free 3D Chess game, you could improvise:
- Get a clear piece of glass and support it with books (or anything) over top of your regular chess board.
- Next get some tape or water marker to mark where the squares are on the glass.
   To give it a try, it's that simple.   It only takes about 30 to 45 minutes to play a game.

- Learn the concept of 3D Chess here, and then you are ready to move to *Chess - Future Generation*
    played on 4 boards with 2 or 4 players with the option of playing in teams

Or Print a quick 1 page set of rules with pictures.       If you hear of a tournament that is being played with this game (on two boards somewhere), please send the information.
3D Chess Photos

Now I suppose, now that you have learned how to play the game, you would like to buy some plexiglass to try the game out. Well, you can take a look at what the board looks like here. You can also buy the boards here for your construction of the game.
3D Chess, Checkers, Shogi, - The Next Generation

Classic Popular 2D games translated into a 3D game.

The above mentioned games and more are explained in detail with pictures.
Once you've read and played these games you will understand how to simply translate any 2D flat board game into a 3D game. Also, 'What is a 3D game?' is explained on the backcover. These games might seem intimidating but they are easier to play, very exciting and will keep you on the edge of your seat for the whole game. It's been said by some players, after playing a few games, that they ... ...never want to go back to a regular flat board again.

Flash Movie of the Game is halfway down

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