History of Dimensionalized.com

( which has been up for: This is a quick overview. )

I came up with the idea of  3D Checkers while playing checkers with my Dad in Hamilton OntarioThis version shows only 3 persons able to play, while another version shows 4 persons able to play in teams or everyone for themselves. when  I was about 10 years old I was about 10 years oldFor those who know Hamilton Ontario - it was on the mountain.. Later, while living in ParksvilleI was about 29 years oldAbout mid Vancouver Island., the details were written down by Gary as I put it all togetherI was about 29 years oldTop Left: The game was tested. - Bottom Left: The game needed another board.
Top Right/Bottom: Rules printed and game done.
. Then after moving to Victoria (as seen in newspapers:  Times Colonist This was also on TV Check-Around in Victoria at the same time.Victoria BC - (Vancouver Island). and  Saanich News This was also on TV Check-Around in Victoria at the same time.This was also seen in Victoria on Check TV: 'Check Around' about the same time as it was on the Radio (Vancouver Island).) I came up with the idea and devleoped  3D Chess for 4 players while playing checkers with my Dad in Hamilton OntarioThis version of 3D Chess plays 4 persons called "Chess - The Future Generation" during the time of "Star Trek The Next Generation" and at nearly the same time,  3D Chess for 2 players while playing checkers with my Dad in Hamilton OntarioThis version of 3D Chess plays 2 persons called "Chess - The Next Generation" during the time of "Star Trek The Next Generation" and then  3D Shogi in March 1996A man from Japan said if I made Shogi into a 3D Shogi game, he would take it to Japan and market it for me. -- I was young,... But I DID get the copyright.
(click for larger picture)
. I did my research and sent away for, and got international copyright on:

  1.  Chess - The Future Generation in Washington D.C.Chess - The Future Generation,
  2.  3-D Checkers The Next Generation in Washington D.C.3-D Checkers The Next Generation,
  3.  Shogi - The Next Generation in Washington D.C.Shogi - The Next Generation &
  4.  Chess - The Next Generation in Washington D.C.Chess - The Next Generation.

 After some time Back EastWent back east across Canada/US in a 1986 Westfalia I eventually took courses in Java Programing and web development and design hoping to get hired with these skills(as was promised). Of course I needed to practice my skillsone of my show pagesA Show Page for some of my projects that I did. so I created Dimensionalized.com to  show case A Fancy Boxed Version.Victoria BC - (Vancouver Island). the  games invented A Fancy Boxed Version.Victoria BC - (Vancouver Island).. I then used the website to practice using SEO methods to get some of the pages placed very high in Google (#1 for: '3D Chess Rules').

This link is one of the original pages I created back in about 2001 or 2002 which included a Flash animated 14 move game: dimensionalized.com/game/rules4_3d_chess/index.php

Enough of History, Lets Get Started on 3D Chess...

  • Start by: Printing a visual set of the rules (in colour) and for quick referance later.
  • Then check the  rules for more detail  which also includes a YouTube video and explains the points per piece (ie: Bishop = 6 points, Rook = 4 points).   See also: 3D Chess photo gallery.
  • Watch a  14 move game play out  in Flash.
  • Finally you might be ready to build your own  3D Chess Table  to play on at just the right height.
  • Then, after a while, when you're ready (and have about 4-5 hours), on 4 boards with four people (or two playing two colours),  “Chess - The Future Generation” . This can also be played by 2 persons: White and Gold --vs-- Black and Silver. NOTE: Make sure to use a coin (or white stone) to keep track of who's turn it is to move. Who ever has the coin, it's that person's turn to move. It really messes up the game if you forget who's turn it is. It happens everytime.

If you want to play a game by email (one move each day would take about a month):
Chess Notation: dimensionalized.com/game/rules4_3d_chess/chessnotation.html
(see also: dimensionalized.com/game/rules4_3d_chess/Game/index.php)

“Chess - The Next Generation” & Things 3D

White chooses which board level 1st, then Black has the other board level. Read more about this ...
By playing 3D Chess(which is easier than regular chess), you improve your left/right brain thinking abilities. You are: what you put into your brain, so don't stop learning!

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