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Did you want to see what the game looks like in 3D(using red/cyan glasses)?
Check it out at flickr:  flickr.com/photos/95816129@N00/5688332393/ .
Do you have a suggestion for another move?
     White     Black
 1.  Bc1-Ac2   Ab8-Ac6 
 2.  Bh1-Ah1   Ah7-Ah6 
 3.  Bc2-Bc3   Ad7-Ad5
 4.  Bd1-Ae2   Ab7-Ab6
 5.  Ac2-Aa4   Ac8-Ab7
 6.  Bf1-Ag2   Ad8-Ad6
 7.  Ae2-Bf3   O-O-O
 8.  Bg2-Bg3   Ae7-Ae6
 9.  Ag2-Bh1   Ad5-Bd5
10.  Bb1-Ab3   Ac6-Bc4  
11.  Ah1-Ah4   Ab7-Aa6
12.  Ba2-Aa3   Bc4-Ae4
13.  Ba1-Ba8   Ad6-Ad1 + !
14.  Be1-Bf1   Ad1-Af1 mate

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