3D Game Board

In every page that shows a 3D game of chess or checkers, you will notice that the chess / checker board is mostly clear and is divided into quarters. This allows the person not to be distracted by the board but assist in playing an enjoyable game being able to see all of the pieces and know where the center of the board is on both boards.


A clear board really enhances the game. You can now truly see all the pieces.
After White has chosen which level (A or B), then Black is then on the other level.

White Chooses 1st on which Level (A or B)
see through boards 7/8 percent clear

White Above — Black Bottomsee through boards 7/8 percent clear

Just a quick note: The person playing the bottom has the advantage because that person is now forced to look through the top board (mentally taking note of more possible moves).