Paul Glover

Hello; I’m Paul Glover and if I have not yet met you I hope I do. As you browse this website, you’ll begin to see that I like to experiment and work with new ideas. That includes designing web pages with different colour/colors and different functions (some of those pages were designed a-long-time-ago). This is important so that when talking to clients I’ll know exactly what is best for them, what does and does not work and the reasons why. So have fun browsing.

On this page you will find almost everything you need to know about Paul Glover by means of the links on this WP theme and other pages. For example my drop down menu and my Responsive Web Design pages (with more links at the bottom of those pages), which is the future of all websites as they need to be viewed in all kinds of devises (iPhone, Tablets, Desktops, TVs. etc.).

If you have any comments, you could make them at my Flickr account.