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Web Design incorporates more than just looks but also functionality. However even before all that, is SEO. A site needs to be DESIGNED so that it can be found by search engines. Because of so many new devices, RWD is the way to design websites.

These pages have been started because there is a need here in Nanaimo BC. Business need to be found. I'm the person who can make it happen!! I have studied SEO or Search Engine Optimization so that the websites I've created for others and myself will be found! After researching the keywords for each website I then use them in the right places. Price? Check this!

I spend time to get to know - not just you but what makes your business unique and different from your competition. I then help you focus on what makes you better, not just different.

There might not be a lot of design to this page yet. The important thing is: the information! That's what I can do for you. Be found for your information. Send me an email from this website and I'll give you a call and explain more.

Like what you see?

Sweet, so do we!
Uniqueness, Functionality, Design, all have their place, but above all SEO is still most important, otherwise no one will see it and no one will call.

Because of RWD, this page has been replaced with a new design that responds to modern devices.

Everybody loves Splash

But Splash on a web site can detract from the information.
It should hardly be noticed.

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