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Each webpage should be optimized so that it can be found by a search engine and perhaps for your area such as Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island. Infact SEO comes before design and now even pictures need to SEO friendly.

Your Information and everything you do on your website should be on the proper page and then in the proper place on that page. Well, that's one small portion of it. For example, A window cleaning business has a name that no one knows or could possibly even think of. If you type, "Window Cleaner, City" (name of city) in a search engine, their website should be found on the 1st page. That is what I do. Help your business to get found.

This personal website of mine is all about 3D games (not search engine optimization), so it will get found for 3D chess, 3D checkers or 3D Shogi (3d chess board to make for free). However if you type in: "seo Vancouver Island Nanaimo" you'll see that I have done it correctly as I'm on the 1st page of Google 7th from the top. That webpage was my 1st page on SEO - however, it had to be redone so as to respond to the new devices out there (Mobile: PDA, Smartphone, IPhone, IPad, Tablet, Notebooks, Netbook, Laptops or your regular Desktop computer). So this is the new page.

If SEO is done right, PPC, CPC & Paid search marketing is not needed. Once the SEO is done the page will stay in place longer than Paid Search Marketing (unless your money is endless).

SEO is not spam says Google. The important thing is: The information, photos and images, getting found! That's what I can do for you. Be found by search engines using white-hat, ethical organic methods.

If you have a question leave me a message by giving me a call or sending me an email.
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Departure Bay, Nanaimo
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Nanaimo - Mt. Benson

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