3D Games & Photos

Dimensionalized is: . .
  — To make something dimensional;   to add HEIGHT to Length and Width.

The games we have come to know and play (Chess, Check­ers, Sho­gi and oth­ers), are all played on a flat board with 2 dimen­sions, length x width. The pieces do not move up or down because there is no oth­er board that is up or down to move to.

  1. Chess — The Next Generation
  2. Chess — The Future Generation
  3. Sho­gi — The Next Generation
  4. Expand­ed Check­ers (basic 2 board 3D Checkers)
  5. 3‑D Check­ers — The Next Generation

The first, third and fourth of these games take the same amount of time and the same num­ber of moves as their reg­u­lar counter-part. In-fact they are eas­i­er to play.

As long as you know how to play these games on a flat board or in 2D, then it will only take you a few min­utes to learn the dimen­sion­al move­ments. In-fact, that is all that is real­ly explained here is just the dimen­sion­al move­ment from one board lev­el to the next board lev­el. It will prob­a­bly take you a 2 or 3 games, but after that many have said that they will nev­er go back to a reg­u­lar flat board ever again because from the 1st move you will sit­ting on the edge of your seat.

These games rely on all the reg­u­lar rules and instruc­tions. It is expect­ed that you already know how to play these games. What is explained is the dimen­sion­al fac­tor or how the pieces move dimen­sion­al­ly from one board to the next board. This all might sound or look too intim­i­dat­ing or dif­fi­cult, how­ev­er they are eas­i­er to play and a lot more fun!

These games exer­cise both the left and the right side of the brain.
Why not learn more about how the left/right side of the brain works.