3D Checkers (2 boards)

Expanded CheckersPaul Glover © 1989 1990-2011

Expanded Checkers or 3D CheckersThis ver­sion is the same as ‘3­D Check­ers – The Next Gen­er­a­tion’. The dif­fer­ences are that ‘Expand­ed Check­ers’ or 3D Check­ers is played out on only two boards (lev­els ‘A’ and ‘B’ as shown). The pieces are set up with one play­er putting his pieces on ‘A’ and the oth­er on ‘B’. (To be more pre­cise, Black always is set up on the ‘Bottom’ lev­el and Red is always set­up on the ‘Above’ board.) Black moves first. The game is played out as if every piece was a Prince (refer to rules men­tioned above).

CAPTURE is exe­cut­ed as in stan­dard check­ers on a lev­el. When cap­tur­ing from
lev­el to lev­el, the piece jumps vertical­ diag­o­nal­ly for­ward, cap­tur­ing the piece on the
next lev­el and land­ing on the same lev­el as the cap­tured piece. For example…

3D checkers on 2 boardsA Red Crowned Piece on ‘B28′ can cap­ture a Black piece on ‘A24’, and for a moment land­ing on an emp­ty square at ‘A19′, but it must con­tin­ue to cap­ture if pos­si­ble as shown in the draw­ing below. There­fore it con­tin­ues and cap­tures ‘B24’ (B28 x B28). This is so even if there was a piece on ‘B19’.

In this game, as not­ed before, every piece moves like a Prince. There­fore, the last
remain­ing piece (crowned or uncrowned) on a board lev­el, can still move on that board
lev­el. Oth­er pieces may also move to that closed board lev­el because they are all
Princes. How­ev­er, when there are no more pieces on a board lev­el, that lev­el is
con­sid­ered FINISHED (as not­ed in ‘3­D Check­ers – The Next Gen­er­a­tion’), and no
piece can move to it.

You will find this game most inter­est­ing with sur­pris­ing results. The added ben­e­fit is
that it takes the same amount of time as a stan­dard flat (2D) board of checkers.

Now for a 3D view of the game.
You’ll need those ‘3D red/cyan glass­es’.Expanded Checkers or 3D Checkers (in 3D)