3D Game Board

3D Chess, Checker board that's mostly clear for the top board.

3D Chess, 3D Check­er board for the Top Board Level.

In every page that shows a 3D game of chess or check­ers, you will notice that the chess / check­er board is most­ly clear and is divid­ed into quar­ters. This allows the per­son not to be dis­tract­ed by the board but assist in play­ing an enjoy­able game being able to see all of the pieces and know where the cen­ter of the board is on both boards.

A clear board real­ly enhances the game. You can now tru­ly see all the pieces.
After White has cho­sen which lev­el (A or B), then Black is then on the oth­er level.

White Choos­es 1st on which Lev­el (A or B)
see through boards 7/8 percent clear

White Above — Black Bottomsee through boards 7/8 percent clear

Just a quick note: The per­son play­ing the bot­tom has the advan­tage because that per­son is now forced to look through the top board (men­tal­ly tak­ing note of more pos­si­ble moves).