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This is where I advertise what I do and also where I try out new ways for building websites. As you browse, you will find that not all pages look the same. That's because I like to experiment and work with new ideas. That includes pages with different colour/colors and different functions. This is important when a client wants a certain look or feel for their website. Also there is a need to be found by a search engine. Therefore the website needs to be SEO friendly.

Therefore, these 5 main pages(Home, History, Gallery, About, Contact) plus the others(SEO, build a 3D Chess Game, Window Cleaning) have been designed to respond to the new devices out there (Mobile: PDA, Smartphone, IPhone, IPad, Tablet, Notebooks, Netbook, Laptops or your regular Desktop computer).

If you have a question leave me a message by giving me a call or sending me an email.

  Creating websites includes pictures, images, animations and drawings, which I found may take longer than the coding of a web-page. They may include gradients and the knowledge of which colors go well together. I also found it necessary at times,
to show or not to show - depending on the devise the person is using. So check out some of these pages on your desktop computer at home.

Do you play chess? Why not try 3D Chess?

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