I’m a SEO/web developer designer coder (and now Responsive Web Design), 3D photographer, helping other business owners to get found locally. Since 2001 I have been helping business with their websites and getting their websites found by search engines (besides helping them with other computer related issues).

However when there’s time, playing real 3D chess, taking 3D pictures, and for that matter, anything 3D because that’s what this website, ‘Dimensionalized.com’ is all about. In-fact, that is what this website mainly gets found for by search engines (things 3D). Recently though, it has been found by search engines for other things.

There are a lot web pages on this website Dimensionalized.com in which I try new things to keep up with technology. These few pages you see here in this WP theme is just top surface … Want to get to know me? Just start reading and clicking.

Paul Glover - Tony H. from Calgary (playing 3D Chess)