3D Checkers (2 boards)

Expanded CheckersPaul Glover © 1989 1990­-2011

Expanded Checkers or 3D CheckersThis version is the same as ‘3­D Checkers – The Next Generation‘. The differences are that ‘Expanded Checkers’ or 3D Checkers is played out on only two boards (levels ‘A’ and ‘B’ as shown). The pieces are set up with one player putting his pieces on ‘A’ and the other on ‘B’. (To be more precise, Black always is set up on the ‘Bottom’ level and Red is always setup on the ‘Above’ board.) Black moves first. The game is played out as if every piece was a Prince (refer to rules mentioned above).

CAPTURE is executed as in standard checkers on a level. When capturing from
level to level, the piece jumps vertical­ diagonally forward, capturing the piece on the
next level and landing on the same level as the captured piece. For example…

3D checkers on 2 boardsA Red Crowned Piece on ‘B28‘ can capture a Black piece on ‘A24′, and for a moment landing on an empty square at ‘A19‘, but it must continue to capture if possible as shown in the drawing below. Therefore it continues and captures ‘B24′ (B28 x B28). This is so even if there was a piece on ‘B19′.


In this game, as noted before, every piece moves like a Prince. Therefore, the last
remaining piece (crowned or uncrowned) on a board level, can still move on that board
level. Other pieces may also move to that closed board level because they are all
Princes. However, when there are no more pieces on a board level, that level is
considered FINISHED (as noted in ‘3­D Checkers – The Next Generation’), and no
piece can move to it.

You will find this game most interesting with surprising results. The added benefit is
that it takes the same amount of time as a standard flat (2D) board of checkers.

Now for a 3D view of the game.
You’ll need those ‘3D red/cyan glasses‘.Expanded Checkers or 3D Checkers (in 3D)