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March 2006:

Clock Tower Mall -Banff

JTL Controls

Quebec Metrologie

Canada Alpine Ski

Then and Now
To get a color coordinated feeling of action: I simple used a vector box with a 19 wide yellow Highlighter and a Drop Shadow with a 65% opacity in Fireworks.

The pages after this one:
  • helped build including the pictures and
  • did the mouseover pictures and javascripts
  • Paul's Résumé

    Java Time Calculator

    Rules for 3D Chess


    Paul Glover 1996

    This exciting game relies on the regular instructions for chess. However because of the dimensional factor, there is a need for additional instructions as to how the pieces move dimensionally. The game
    takes between 30 and 45 minutes to play.

    To build a temporary game, inorder to try:
    - Put a piece of glass, supported by books
      (or anything ),
      over top of your regular chess board.
    - Use tape on the glass to mark the squares.