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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is very important. If you need to be found in Nanaimo BC on Vancouver Island, contact me from this website. What else can I do for you? Take a look at this desktop design showing programming with design. The Business Networking Mall is a Dimensionalized Business Directory that advertises the websites Paul Glover is presently working on.

Composer Claude Choe

Clock Tower Mall -Banff

JTL Controls

...designed it 2002 but do not have access for updates.

Motor City Fun

This was done using SEO methods, but it was also done in frames. I also created the logo that is being used in print.

I also test for screen size to determine how much information to show. If the screen size is 800x800 then the right side of the screen has no pictures.

An ad for Myself

and some work I've done

Quebec Metrologie

Java Time Calculator

Weather Across Canada

A personal one For You could be created
What does it take to create a good and successful website?

It Takes THREE Things . . .

When it comes to Design in PRINT and advertising . . .

Paul's Résumé

Java Programs Paul Glover wrote
Java Programs Paul Glover wrote
  1. Time Calculator
  2. Personality Colours
  3. More Than just a Clock
  4. "3D Checkers..." -Explained Visually
  5. More Java Programs I wrote

 Photographic Creativity 

being creative/imaginative
Also: Banff | KANANASKIS | PG Twist

Rules for 3D Chess


Paul Glover 1996

This exciting game relies on the regular instructions for chess. However because of the dimensional factor, there is a need for additional instructions as to how the pieces move dimensionally. The game takes between 30 and 45 minutes to play.

To build a temporary game, inorder to try:
- Put a piece of glass, supported by books (or anything),
  over top of your regular chess board.
- Put some tape to mark where the squares are on the glass.
3D Chess X
'Chess - The Next Generation'
With all of it's instructions to play
& directions to build a game for
yourself in 10 mins.

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