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Prince George
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Jasper, Alberta
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Departure Bay, Nanaimo BC

Find more about Weather in Nanaimo, CA
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Weather in Nanaimo (overview)
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Medicine Hat, Alberta
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Saskatoon, Sask.
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Regina, Sask.
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Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Thunder Bay, Ontario
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Toronto, Ontario
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Montreal, Quebec
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Sherbrooke, Quebec
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Tofino BC (Pfeiffer Cres.)
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Nanaimo > Tofino = 200kls/4hr drive
Port Alberni BC
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Nanaimo > Alberni = 85kls/1.5hr drive
Comox BC
Click for Comox, British Columbia Forecast
Nanaimo > Comox = 114kls/1.5hr dr

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Why are there Tides?
(+ other TIDAL questions)
Biggest Tides = Gravatational pull
Sun, Moon, Earth when aligned.

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Temperature, Thermometer

Each line above zero (Kelvin, Fahrenheit, Celsius) is a degree.
So 10 lines above zero would be marked like this: 10°.
Then put the scale like this:
10°C or 10°F or 10°K.

PST for BC
^\.^ The tides on Vancouver Island. .^\.
\.^\.^ (High Tide - Full Moon Facts) .^\.^\.^

It's Summer

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