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The ancient way of making wine after picking the grapes was to step on the grapes with your foot and then let the wine ferment in open top vats which took about 2 weeks. Then they would let the wine settle so that particles and refuse would sink to the bottom. Today we are a much better than that.

Now a days there are wine kits that speed up the process, but even then it still looks old fashion by about 1000 years with all the equipment like the primary buckets, carboys, hoses, and/or filter pumps. But now there is a better and easier way make wine with the VINTNER 225L. The VINTNER 225L revolutionizes home winemaking, making it easy to vint wine, brew beer, and create cider in the comfort of your own home, for that matter in an appartment or condo and it's made to look like it's part of the furniture. Take a further look:   The    process    . . .

The Process . . .

Inside the Wine Maker VINTNER 225L

You just simply add the juice or kit to the 25 litre stainless fermentation vat (the one on the left), add the yeast, allow oxygen to access it for 4 days --- then clamp down the lid and insert the airlock.

In approximately 3-5 weeks (depending on your kit) you transfer to the other vat (the one on the Right), by use of the pump which has  quick disconnect fittings, then add your stabilizing and clearing ingredients. In a week you can bottle with or without the filter, (again by use of the pump operated with a intermittent switch).   The unit cleans the pump and the lines in 3 seconds. No mess, no fuss, and no lifting.

The VINTNER 225L is made very well! Use it to make wine, beer or cider.
Here is what is included in the  VINTNER 225L    . . .

About:  VINTNER 225L Kit

Wine Maker VINTNER 225L

Custom built in CANADA the VINTNER 225L consists of:

  • two (2) stainless steel vats with a capacity of 25 litres.
  • Fitted with stainless pre-filter screens,
  • stainless fittings and silicone seals and quick disconnects.
  • Waterless (trouble free) airlocks.
  • A 12v food grade diaphragm pump operates the unit for transferring, bottling and cleaning purposes.
  • Power is operated by "constant" and "intermittent" switches.
  • A high density filter cartridge.
  • Constructed from Oak with stainless steel facing,
  • stainless bottling spout, and
  • built in bottom compartment.
  • The unit sits on casters for easy movement.

The Simplified Edition:
The wine beer cider making Kit

For   Contact and more information    . . .

For More information . . .

Contact Mark about the VINTNER 225L at:
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6201 Blueback Road Nanaimo, BC

6201 Blueback Road Nanaimo, BC

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The wine making machine

The wine making kit

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