Dimensionalized:(Length x Width x HEIGHT)or 3D. [Paul Glover]


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3D Chess, Checkers, Shogi

As you can see, the Top Board should be mostly clear
(87% clear), so as to see through to the Bottom board.

3D bottom Game board for: 3D Chess & 3D Checkers
3D Chess, 3D Checkers, 3D Shogi

Dimensionalized Definition:

3D Definition:

Games in 3D: ' Chess - The Next Generation ',
' 3-D Checkers - The Next Generation ', ' Shogi - The Next Generation '

Build your own 3D Chess game:

  1. Support a 2nd clear plastic board with some books over top of a game board.
  2. Mark out where the squares are with some masking tape.
(it's temporary but you're ready to start a game in about 10 minites).

It is very easy to learn how to play the games you already know
now that are now in 3D - in just a few minutes. - Watch a game being played now.

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