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3D Chess
Dimensionalized Chess

To play this game:

  1. Get a clear piece of glass (a small window) and support it with books (or anything) over top of your regular chess board.
  2. Next get some tape or water marker to mark where the squares are on the glass.
To give it a try, it's that simple.
It only takes between 30 and 45 minutes to play a game.

"CHESS - THE NEXT GENERATION" of players as well as long time players, will find themselves moving into the future with this traditional game. This exciting game relies on the regular instructions for chess. However because of the dimensional factor, there is a need for additional instructions as to how the pieces move dimensionally. This set of instructions explains only the dimensional movement of the pieces.

TWO PLAYERS: when the game is played with two players, there are two game boards of 15 x15 inches (38 x 38 cm) each, one on top of the other, and approximately 51/2 inches (14 - 15 cm) apart. The top game board is labeled "A", and the other "B". The WHITE and BLACK chess pieces are set up on level "A" in the traditional manner as in regular chess. After the 1st game, the Winner will set up his pieces on either level 'A' or 'B'. Then, the Loser will set up his pieces on either level 'A' or 'B'. WHITE moves first. The game is played as in regular chess with the object of checkmating the opposing king.

All movement of chess pieces on any one board level remains the same as in regular chess. Movement from one board level to another is as follows:

(see also diagrams on this website).

2 boards -chess pieces are on top
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