Wanted to Castle...

      WHITE          BLACK
  1.  Bd1-Ad2        Ba7-Aa6        
  2.  Bd2-Ad3        Bd7-Bd5
  3.  Bc1-Ab2        Bg8-Bh6
  4.  Bb1-Ad1        Bb8-Ba6
  5.  Be1-Bc1 O-O-O  Ba6-Bb4 fork(3)  ... will now probably lose his bishop 
  6.  wants to start                       and/or his corner destroyed...

Not sure of his next move:

      WHITE           BLACK
  1.  Ae2-Be4         Aa7-Ba6
  2.  Ah1-Bh1         Ah7-Bh6
  3.  Af2-Af3         Ah8xAh2
  4.  Af1-Bg1         Ah2-Ah6
  5.  Ab2-Bb4         Ah6-Ae6 +
  6.  Be4-Ae4         Ac8-Bb7
  7.  Bh1-Ah1         Ag8-Ah6 
  8.  Ab1-Bb3         Ad7-Ad5
  9.  ?

the yyyYESS -- nnnNOOo situation
A fantastic opening defense by white, however when playing dimensionally, ...

A game being played out right now by email:

      WHITE           BLACK
  1.  Ad2-Ad4         Af8-Bg7          
  2.  Af1-Bg2         Aa7-Ba5          
  3.  Ac1-Af4         Ac7-Ac6          
  4.  Ab1-Ac3         Bg7-Bd4          
  5.  Ag1-Af3         Ag8-Ah6          
  6.  Ah2-Ah3         Ah6-Bh4 fork(2)  
  7.  Af4-Bg3         Bh4xBg2          
  8.  Ad1-Ad2 fork(3) Bd4xAc3 +        
  9.  Ab2xAc3         Ac8-Bb7          
 10.  ?

The above game is a very interesting game to play out... A must see!
 - Just set up a glass board supported by books or anything over top of your own game board.
 - Use tape to mark where the squares are on the glass.
If you have a moment send me a note to say what you think of it.

Here are more games to play out: No0 | No1 | No2
Did you say you would like to play a game by email?
Set up two boards as instructed on this website and send me your WHITEs 1st move.