Here is a brief run down of the rules
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All movement of chess pieces on any one board level remains the same as in regular chess. The movement from one board level to another is as shown in the diagrams below:

Chess - The Next Generation (c)1996 Paul Glover
King and Queen -move the same dimensionally Bishop and Rook -movements are opposites
Knight -moves in a L shape
a Pawn's 5 possible opening moves
White to move...
black tried to pass the white pawn by moving Ah2-Bh4 -- So white pawn captures from Ag4xBh4 and occupies Bh3

"Chess - The Next Generation"

Paul Glover 1996
Two boards - one on top of the other. Very basic - but functionality is perfect!

These pictures move, so just move them around.

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Each piece can be moved.
Now you can plan your move online if you are playing by email.