A brief message as you look though the site map.

Since I'm a web designer +, I'm always trying new things. So with dimensionalized.com, you will notice that perhaps every page might look different and that would include colour. However, when it comes to creating websites for others, you will notice the opposite. There will be consistance through out. Also, take a look at my 'Graphics Portfolio' or my online résumé.

Each of these set of pages in the site map, you will notice that the will reflect the day of the week as noticed on the right side of the page. So in away, by changing backgrounds and borders it gives these pages a new look every day or hour, even though the design is the same. Since you are using , you really should see this site map in IE. Time is the issue. I know more than what's demonstrated here.

Oh, If you need ideas and would like to have something designed,
or need SEO to your site, please email.

Paul Glover
Paul Glover

Sunday borders

Monday borders

Tuesday borders

Wednesday borders

Thursday borders

Friday borders

Saturday borders