Personality Test (represented by 4 colors)

Yellow/Gold, Green, Blue, Red/Orange

What Color/Colour is Your Personality? - why not try a quick demo

In each of the ROWs (in the Personality Color Test) there are 4 groups of 3 words. Click a (*)4 that is MOST like you.
#4 = is the most like you     -&-     #1 = is the least like you.

Details of the Java Program

I did not write the psychology but I did write the Java program while in school back in 2001.
This program has been running on all browsers since 2001 without any problems. It will tell you something about yourself as you read the rest of the pages. Enjoy.

There is a need for Java to be installed on your computer.
Definitions for words are on the right and when up and running, it will look like this:

When Java is installed, the browser will ask you if you want to run the program and will display something that looks like:

Firefox and Google Chrome

Internet Explore

You must check accept, and press Run, for the program to start.

• — ☺ — •

Remember to take your time and think about it. (It should take about 5mins.)

Take a look at the definitions of the four colours/colors. These colors are only symbolic of what each personality represents.

A TEAM consisting of Your Colour and a two other colours makes a good team.
For example if you were [Yellow/Gold] and your team players were [Emerald/Green], [Orange/Flame] or [Blue] is good.

How we effect others & they effect us

There are things that you might do (as your Primary 1st Color) that will frustrate those of an opposite Primary 1st Color. for example, Yellow/Gold to Red/Orange and Green to Blue. Likewise they also could do to you. Therefore, there is a need to think about it (a situation you might be in) before reacting.

This information has been researched from all over the internet. I did not write psychology behind the questions but I did write the Java program.